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Awakken Monthly Soap Subscription Box

Awakken Monthly Soap Subscription Box

Join in on the excitement of receiving and exploring unique blends of natural soap, and other natural products, each month. These boxes also make an amazing gift that just about everyone will love.

Retail: $35.00 /box

This subscription box includes:
- 2 full 3oz shampoo bars of natural soap
- 1 full 3oz bars of natural soap
- 1 small 1.5oz bar of natural facial soap
- 1 all natural deodorant
- 1 randomly selected specialty product

A $35 value!

Plus each box will include monthly natural tips and tricks to keep you, your family and environment healthy and happy.

This box is good for one, or two people, to share. A single bar of soap will usually be enough for one person to use from head to toe for 2-3 weeks. Check out our Family Soap Subscription Box to share with more people. Our natural soaps are perfect for everyday use in the shower or by the sink.

All Awakken natural soaps have a natural gentle, creamy, moisturizing lather, with glycerin intact in the soap to naturally keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

A minimum of 75% of each bar of soap is from pure natural vegetable oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, etc. The rest is water, sodium hydroxide (lye is what makes soap soap, without it there is no soap), and natural essential oils.

Long lasting and environmentally friendly. A better value than most all natural liquid soaps, lasting longer and do not require preservatives to offset the water content. 100% biodegradable. All our natural soaps can be used as camping soaps. There is absolutely no dye, fragrance, sulphate, paraben or preservative.

Keep the soap dry between uses to extend its life. Do not leave it sitting in water.

All our natural products are MADE IN CANADA. No animal testing. Biodegradable. Vegan.

Price : $25.00/box
Retail : $35.00 /box

Price subject to change without notice.

Select your preferred soap assortment:
Random Mixed Soap Assortment

I love all natural soaps, send me a different variety each month!

Men's Soap Assortment
o Morning Coffee
o Nettle & Yucca
o Rhassoul Clay
o Rosemary Lavender
o Tea Tree
o Honey Lemon Lagger
Women's Soap Assortment
o Lavender
o Rhassoul Clay
o Shea Butter
o Camomile Tea
o Sunshine
o Honey Oats
Baby & Sentive Skin Soap Assortment
o Lavender
o Shea Butter
o Calendula
o Chamomile Tea
o Calendula & Chamomile
o Lanolin Orange

Select your preferred deodorant:

Patchouli Orange
Earthy, smoky, spicy, musky with a note of sweet orange
Tea Tree & Eucalyptus
Warm, fresh, camphorous, clean scent
Lavender & Ylang Ylang
Fresh, sweet, herbaceous, and floral
Pine & Rosemary
Strong, fresh, and woody dry-balsamic

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