What to do with old shampoo and bubble bath!
So what do you do once you start reading ingredients labels and discover that the products you loved and trusted for many years contain harmful chemicals? What if you have been stashing these much loved brands whenever they came on sale? Disposing is harmful to the environment. Using is harmful to my family. Giving away, seems well, cruel. Of course, people do use these every day, but just like I didn't yet know, they may not yet know they are using harmful products.

The ideal scenario, when you buy any product, is to fully use it. There is manufacturing and transportation environmental costs in these products. Throwing them out without fully using them increased our carbon footprint tremendously. Environmentally shoppers should only buy items they need and will use fully.

So after much time staring down these bottles not knowing what to do with them, not wanting to dispose of them, and feeling insecure about passing them on. It occurred to me to just use them as cleaning products until they are all used up! I remembered my midwife recommending we clean it with shampoo when I as laboring with my first child, at home, and wanted to use the tub that was a tad dirty. Shampoo is much milder than commercial cleaning products. Shampoo and bubble bath do make great cleaning products for bath tubs, sinks and toilets! They are gentle, and effective. And they add a lovely fresh showered scent to the bathroom too. ; )

Using chemical-free environmentally friendly cleaners is obviously preferable, but while you have extra stock of commercial soap containing chemicals that you prefer to no longer use, put it to good use around your home. You can turn your bars of commecial soap into liquid soap and use them as cleaners too.

I have also head recently that you can make your own pest control for your trees and garden using a little bit of soap and cayenne pepper diluted in water (on cloudy non-windy days only as the cayenne pepper will burn your trees on hot sunny days). This is an old day recipe from my father-in-law.

Any recommendation as to what to do with chemical containing cleaners around your house?
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