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My motto is simple Live Simply so others may Simply Live. What that means to me is clearing the beliefs that set us back, the distractions in our lives, pursuing our passion, helping others find and pursue theirs, reducing our footprint, leaving the world a better place than we found it, realizing that contentment is far more valuable than happiness.

Contentment is being happy with what we have rather than continually looking for things that will make us happy, only to find them void of happiness, and repeating the vicious cycle of the "search for happiness".
A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. This website reflects my journey, so far, and I hope I get to connect with you so we can share and help each other along the way.

Zig Ziglar once said "You can have anything in life you want, if you will only help enough other people get what they want." It is truly my heart's desire to be able to help you on your journey, if I can.

One of life's simple pleasures, hand made with love and care especially for you ...

My first job, out of University, way back in 1996, was graphic designer at a packaging company, so of course I had to get my very own labels printed. The quote above is what I printed on those labels, which set the stage for all my creations to follow.

Below are some of my natural products, one of the many aspects in which I strive to leave the world a better place. I hope you enjoy the resources of this website, and that you will connect with me and let me know about your journey!