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Fabric Terminology & Ideology
We choose all our fabric based on durability and strength. Our priority is on natural locally made fabric, including eco-friendly and organic which are locally available.


* Bamboo trees grow at a rapid rate with little pesticid usage necessary creating virtually no adverse impact on the soil.
* It is the ideal renewable resource; naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, and hypo-allergenic, even after multiple washings.
* 100% Biodegradable, blocks UV rays, and is 3-4 times more absorbent than Cotton. Fabrics keep you drier, cooler, and more comfortable.
* Fibers produce textiles that are naturally soft and smooth.
* Unfortunately, Bamboo is not stable on it's own and therefore is best when blended with other fibers such as organic cotton or spandex from a performance viewpoint.


* Cotton requires less resources than synthetics to manufacture; making it a natural choice for eco-friendly consumers.
* It is naturally breathable and is very comfortable for baby and mommy too!
* Unfortunately, cotton uses a lot of pesticide to grow. It is best to opt for Organic Cotton which is grown using methods and materials that have low impact on the environment. You are easing a burden on the earth with Organic Cotton.


Also known as French Fleece is a knit fabric with a looped pile back and smooth face. This constructs like jogging fleece. It is strong and durable.

We currently use organic bamboo/cotton blend french terry and locally manufactured cotton french terry only.


A generic term for a plain knit fabric without a distinct rib. Originally made of wool, jersey fabric was first manufactured on the island of Jersey. It is soft and durable.

We currently use eco-friendly cotton jersey knits and organic bamboo/cotton blend jersey knits only.

Most of our textiles are Eco friendly in that they are finished and dyed in a closed environmentally friendly facility. No dyes, bleaches, of finishing residues are released into the environment.

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