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Life Coaching
Life coaches work with people to help them make successful change in their lives by helping them find their own answers. Typically, the client has a goal they want to achieve and the life coach uses specific skills and strategies to help them achieve it.

A life coach is not a councilor or therapist, and does not advise the client in what he/she should do, but rather, a life coach will drill down to the problem the client is experiencing, helping him/her focus in on the result they want to achieve, and will guide them to find the steps to achieve those results.

A life coach is someone who listens, and most importantly asks the right questions to lead the client to find their own answers.

A life coach is not a guru or mentor. A life coach should empower the client to be independent of the life coach.

A life coach offers an impartial perspective, to help their client look at a situation in a different way to see something which might not be currently visible from their current perspective.

Who needs a life coach?
Anyone who feels stuck in a situation, with seemingly no way out.
Anyone who wants to gain insight, and continue to grow, and become more mature.
Anyone who feels they are here to accomplish a purpose, but are not certain what it is, or where to start.
Anyone with limiting beliefs, or fears, which are holding them back from where they truly want to be.
Anyone who is not where they want to be, and are unsure how to get there.
Anyone who needs a listening ear to help them move forward.
Anyone who has a vision, but are feeling rejection from friends with respect to their vision.
Anyone who wants to be held accountable for their life, purpose and goals, to someone who will help them get it done.

If you need help to find your passion in life, to get beyond a situation you seem to be stuck in, or to achieve a goal, please contact me. It would be my honor to help you, to the best of my abilities, on your journey.

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