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Flaxseed Eggs
Flaxseed eggs can be substituted for real eggs in almost any baked good. They are a healthy source of fiber as well! Flax seeds do add a nutty flavour to the recipe, and are therefore best suited for cakes that have another strong flavor, such as chocolate cake, or banana bread, though I personally find flax seed eggs do work even in my vanilla cake recipe. It is all based on personal preferences.

To make one (1) flax seed egg, freshly grind 1 Tbsp of flax seeds, and add to 2 Tbsp of water. Stir well, and place in the fridge to set for 15 minutes. The seeds will form a gel, which work as a sticky egg-like substitute. When ready to use, mix the flax egg(s) well, and pour into your recipe.

Banana is actually another substitute for eggs, which can be combined with flax seeds, particularly for recipes which call for a lot of eggs, to diversify the ingredients, and the results.

I also find that using a blender once the flaxseeds have gelled helps to create a better egg white texture.

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