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About Marie-Josee

A life long searcher of truth, love and happiness, Marie-Josee has a passion for understanding and helping people live out their purpose and find true contentment.

Marie-Josee has a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario. After experiencing digestive issues due to food intolerance, and stress, she set out to have a more balanced lifestyle, eliminating process foods, and including whole foods. She has continued her self-concept realization from attending workshops of well known authors and speakers such as Tony Robbins, Bob Protor, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar, to name a few. In addition to being a student of life, she continues to broaden her mind through reading and online courses. Her favorite authors include Ayn Rand, CS Lewis, and Kahlil Gibran. She completed a Health Coaching certification through the Alternative Medicine College of Canada. Followed by a Complete Life Coaching certification through Kain Ramsay's strategic life coaching.

Her passions include wood working, gardening, reading, cycling, crocheting, and bread making.

While Marie-Josee believes in the abundance of life through the art of thankfulness, she also believes that we must learn to Live Simply so others may Simply Live.

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