Awakken All Natural Soap and Shampoo Bars About Awakken
Awakken All Natural Soap and Shampoo Bars
We are so very proud to have All Natural Cold Processed Soap and Shampoo Bars, which not only have reclaimed and recycled packaging, but also steers away from the bulky plastic and necessity of shipping water of conventional shampoo bottles and liquid soap! Not only are these all natural bars made exclusively from saponized all natural nourishing oils, essential oils and botanicals, but their packaging is reclaimed papers from an architectural office! Giving paper a new life, and saving trees in the process.

Using a hard bar of soap for body and hair is so earth friendly, no plastic packaging required, and costs less to ship too! Prefer liquid soap? Why not turn a bar into liquid soap when it gets in your hands, that way you can reuse a bottle you already have on hand, and still cut down on packaging and shipping emissions!

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