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Bible Study

If you are a student of truth, your journey should include, at some point, reading the bible. Though everyone has some opinion, thought or feeling about it, most people have not actually read it, or know what it actually says. Most of our belief of the bible come from other people's interpretation of what it says, or their interpretation of what someone else said.

The bible, in the most simplistic explanation, is a story, like any other fiction novel on the market. It is a story of human interaction, of people, their life struggles, hopes, and aspirations, as well as failures, anger, and revenge. You see, people have not radically changed in the thousands of years that the scriptures were written. Studying the bible is a study of people, as well as the God who made them, if you choose to believe, or their beliefs, if you do not choose to believe.

There are fundamental truths in the bible, which whether or not one believes in God, are nonetheless truths, and an essential part of life, which will keep you grounded, and help you move with integrity and truth.

I welcome you to open the scriptures for yourself, starting with the easier passages, such as the book of John, and Hebrews 11, on faith, and progressing from there. It is not a book that is easily read from start to finish, at least not when you first begin reading. But as you read, progressively through it, you will gain understanding, making it easier and easier to obtain the valuable insights contained.

If you have unanswered questions, or want help to understand what the scriptures actually say on a particular topic, without fear of judgement or discrimination, I welcome you to a bible study on the topic of your own choosing! Please contact me.

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